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Product Name: elliptical trainer
Product number: ST-1221
Shelves time: 2015-12-10
Browse number: 1031
Product details


The main frame : standard pipes(φ88.5×2.75)mm, two sides using 30mm WPC board for decora

Handlebar: standard pipes (φ32×2.3)mm

Conncecting rod:standard pipes (φ42×2.5)mm

pedal support:standard pipes (φ48×2.5)mm

pedal: 4mm iron board stampling forming

Grip: complying with new national standard, with internal damping device.

Spindle: adopting 6205 deep groove ball bearings 

Embedded anchor bolts are adopted in installation.

The foundation size is not less than (600×400×500)and(850×400×500)mm.